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Why is my puppy constantly scratching?

Why is my puppy constantly scratching?
  • 13 July 2018
  • steve

It’s normal for puppies and dogs of all ages to periodically scratch themselves. But if you notice that your puppy is scratching itself excessively, it definitely is an issue that deserves a closer look. There are several potential causes of this type of scratching in puppies, which we’re going to cover right now:

Getting to the Root of Itchy Skin

Skin parasites, bacterial or fungal skin infections, stress or boredom, contact irritants and inhalant allergies are all potential causes of itchy skin in puppies. Of these causes, allergies are one of the most prevalent. The scientific term for allergic reactions to inhaled or contact allergens is atopy.

Unlike humans, atopy in dogs generally doesn’t take the form of sneezing or a runny nose. Instead, itchy skin is the most common sign of this condition. When a puppy is suffering from atopy, it will try to make the sensation go away by scratching. If that doesn’t work, your puppy’s response can escalate to compulsive licking or biting.

For puppies who focus a lot of effort on one area of their skin, it can end up making the condition even worse. All of the abrasion can result in conditions like hot spots. These can be even more uncomfortable than the original allergic reaction, which is why you’ll want to help your puppy find relief.

How to Help Your Puppy

Although it’s never fun to know that your puppy isn’t feeling its best, the good news is there are two ways you can help your puppy. Before we cover those options, it’s worth mentioning that this is definitely an issue worth bringing up with your vet. In addition to what we’re going to share, your vet will be able to provide even more guidance for putting an end to constant scratching.

The first way you can help your puppy is by providing relief for any hot spots. Pet Wants offers a great skin spray to help combat the redness and even bleeding these spots can cause. The other way to help your puppy is by eliminating as much exposure to allergens as possible. If you and your puppy play outside a lot, a regular bath after playtime will help with getting rid of any allergens in or on their coat.

While environmental allergens can cause constant scratching, food allergies are often the cause of this condition. Some dog foods have ingredients that are proven to cause allergic reactions because dogs have a hard time digesting ingredients like corn, wheat, soy or animal-by-products. It’s important that you switch to a food that is fresh and is free of any known allergy causing ingredients

At Pet Wants, we make fresh food for puppies and dogs of all ages. We are also very careful with the ingredients we use to make sure our food is free of any allergy causing ingredients. We’re also proud to offer grain-free food that has helped lots of pet parents provide a healthy lifestyle for their pets.

To learn more on how Pet Wants food can help your puppy with food allergies contact us for a free consultation.